Acne Facial Treatment Kit for Women and Men | Acne and Pigmentation

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Introducing the G Leuhr Purifying Acne Facial Treatment Kit – a comprehensive solution to counter free radicals, offer lasting skin protection, and act as a potent antioxidant. This all-in-one 6-in-1 kit features the Purifying Cleanser, Purifying H2O Exfoliating Mask, Purifying Emulsion, Purifying Masque, Purifying Clarity Serum, and Gel Sunscreen. Your ultimate ally for tackling acne and blemishes, as well as preventing future breakouts.

  • Combats acne and reduce pigmentation.
  • Lightens the skin and removes blemishes.
  • Tones and nourishes skin from within.
  • Fights acne causing bacteria.
  • It reduces inflammation and redness caused by pimples.
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Discover the Science of Transformation:
Your Personalized Acne Treatment Kit

Every step in our treatment kit is a testament to our commitment to your skin’s well-being. Our formulations are crafted with care, backed by scientific knowledge and recommended by dermatologists to ensure your skin receives the best possible treatment.

Step 1:

Modernised Purifying Cleanser

The first step of your journey to revitalized skin – the Modernised Purifying Cleanser. This powerhouse does more than just cleanse; it’s your gateway to a healthier, clearer complexion. Formulated with precision, this cleanser not only rids your skin of excess oils and impurities but also works its magic to minimize pores and regulate oiliness. Witness the science of detoxification and nourishment blend seamlessly for a radiant, blemish-free canvas.

Step 2 :

Purifying HO Exfoliate (Mask)

Prepare to elevate your skin to new heights with our Purifying HO Exfoliate Mask. Think of it as a nutritive boost for your skin’s health and radiance. Packed with biologically active superfood nutrients, this mask aids in the skin’s natural healing and regeneration process. The infusion of plant enzymes adds an extra layer of refinement, gently improving skin texture and lending a luminous glow that reflects vitality from within.

Step 3:

Purifying Emulsion

Radiance is within reach with our Purifying Emulsion. Unleash its antioxidant power to enhance circulation and combat blocked pores. As this emulsion penetrates, minor blemishes retreat and skin damage undergoes repair. The result? A renewed radiance that attests to your skin’s inherent vitality.

Step 4:

Purifying Masque

Revel in the transformative effects of our Purifying Masque, a deep detoxifying cleanser that brings balance back to your skin. As it meticulously addresses pore imperfections, you’ll experience a mattified finish that doesn’t compromise your skin’s natural luminosity. It’s a revelation of a complexion that’s both poised and healthy.

Step 5 :

Purifying Clarity Serum

Introducing your skin’s companion for clarity – the Purifying Clarity Serum. Delicately formulated to soothe oily, acne-prone, and allergy-prone skin, this serum holds the key to a clear complexion. As you apply it, know that it’s designed to nurture your skin without clogging its natural pathways.

Step 6 :

Gel Sunscreen

Your journey is nearly complete with our Gel Sunscreen [SPF-25]. It’s more than protection; it’s a shield against UV rays and inflammation. With its non-comedogenic, hydrating formula, it’s the perfect final touch to seal in the benefits of your anti-aging facial experience.

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