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Seaweed Sunscreen Gel | Moisturizer and Sun Screen Protection




The nourishing power of our Seaweed-infused sunscreen, designed to fight dryness and leave your skin healthy and radiant. Harnessing the natural algae properties, this lightweight, oil-free, gel-based sunscreen offers a crisp gel texture with antioxidant benefits. Combining the best of both worlds, it diffuses a blend of moisturizers while providing SPF 25 sun protection. the benefits of this natural algae antioxidant, as it moisturizes and shields your skin, ensuring a glowing and protected complexion all day long. 

Who can use it: Oily and acne skin type 

Benefits: Moisturize, protects your skin from sun , leaves your skin radiant 

How to use: Follow three finger rule and apply it on the face and neck area and it can be applied on the body too. 

Precautions: Avoid direct eye contact 

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