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Thyroid Capsule for Women and Men




With this thyroid care capsule, you can experience the advantages of improved thyroid function and the anti-inflammatory properties inherent in its ingredients. Notably, it contributes to increased iron levels in your body, essential for optimal health. Feel the difference as your metabolism and energy levels receive a well-deserved boost, enhancing your vitality and daily performance. Moreover, the capsule actively regulates your sleep cycle, providing restful and rejuvenating sleep for enhanced mental and physical rejuvenation

Who can use it: above 16years


  • Healthy Thyroid Function
  • Having Anti inflammatory properties
  • Helps in increasing Iron levels in the body
  • Increase metabolism and energy levels
  • Regulate sleep cycle

How to use: As directed by the Dietitian

Precautions: Consult a dietician or expert before consuming if you have any health condition


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