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G-Leuhr is a skincare brand by Dt Gagan. G-leuhr includes skin care products, skin treatment services, Nutrition- Ayurveda, Health and vitamin supplements. We are looking to create a brand Identity.

After practicing for 10 years as Dietitian, Gagan Sidhu has come up with all these holistic products. The main vision was to empower women with health and vitality.

After counseling 150000 plus women across the globe, it was observed by her that one solution does not fit all, every woman is unique, and has her own set of skin concerns, life problems and health concerns. Hormonal Imbalance starting at the age of 12. So she thought along with diet, some ingredients and herbs which are important in diet are missed because of lack of availability of resources or time, so she curated these products by choosing each ingredient carefully to cater the needs of each and every woman. Even the skin treatments we offer are self curated by our team of dermatologists and skin experts. The skin treatments are one of its kinds in whole North India.

Why Choose G-Leuhr

1. For all skin types, carefully curated for your skin type and concerns

2. Truly natural skin care – unbleached and unprocessed  

 3.Works in syenrgy with your body

Many skincare products are designed to mask skin problems while t altering its appearance with the use of synthetic compounds. Our all natural in products are formulated to work at a molecular level, to renew, regenerate, and heal.


Made with WHOLE ingredients, our uniquely superior formulations nourish your skin. Our production processes ensure the utmost safety while providing unaltered bio-availability.


We believe that if you cannot eat something, it should not be put on your skin. Thus, we use only the purest, nontoxic ingredients and minerals.

6. Customised Regime Skin 

 Our complete regimen requires only one or two products– making it a simple, time saving regimen that is very easy to follow. T


We understand your concerns. Our products are nontoxic. Free of the following: paraben and other synthetic preservatives, phthalates, BPA, BHT, BHA, alcohol, and gluten. Free of animal derived products and animal testing.

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